Dear Blue Ridge Neighbors,

BRDWID is inviting you to a Special Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, December 1, 2021, at 9:00 A.M.

Due to a recent outbreak of COVID-19 in Blue Ridge, this regular BRDWID meeting will be by conference call only.

Conference Call Information

Call-in number: 630-424-4734 or call toll free 800-920-7487, Pin 76217278

Meeting Documents

Agenda Item (includes overview of documents below)

1. 1_Cost_SOW_Matrix
2. 2_General_Ops_Management_matrix
3. 3_Water_System_Operation_matrix
4. 4_Harry_Jones_Resume_HDJ_Consulting
5. 5_HDJ Consulting_Management_AgreementBlue_Ridge_DWID
6. 6_Dan_Utz_Resume
7. 7_DUtz_Consulting_Gen_Ops_Mgr_proposal
8. 8_A_Quality_water_intro_2021
9. 9_A_Quality_Blue Ridge_DWID_proposal
10. 10_Shaffer_Water_Management_cost_proposal_20210928

Thank you,

BRDWID Board of Directors

John Ritter, Chair
Ronald Krug, Vice Chair
Sue Davis, Secretary and Clerk
Mike Bourne, Treasurer
Paul Schmidt, Member at Large