Dear Blue Ridge Neighbors,

Starlight Pines water system has been shut down until tomorrow due to a main line break on Hopi between Horseshoe and Pima. A Quality Excavating is being mobilized to be on site in the morning.

The isolating valves for the section of main line that is broken could not be found. The good news is the emergency call number works, the tech was dispatched within a couple of minutes of the call, and the tech was on site within 1.5hr.

Another update will be shared in the morning after we get the excavating crew onsite to evaluate the situation.

Update as of Feb 12th – 12:00PM: The water system is still off.  Valves isolating the main line break have been located and shut off.  The system pumps will not restart, so a system electrician is in route to get the system running.

Update as of Feb 12th – 2:39PM: The water has been restored. You may be experiencing lower than normal water pressure. We expect it to be back to normal pressure within 24 hours. Thank you again for your patience.